Stop ED Violence

Nearly half of emergency physicians report being physically assaulted at work. Among emergency nurses, 70 percent have been hit or kicked on the job.

Violence in the emergency department not only harms health care professionals who are committed to helping others, but it interferes with the delivery of high-quality patient care. It’s time to speak up. It’s time for No Silence on ED Violence.

Announcing the No Silence on ED Violence Campaign

Violence Against
Emergency Department Staff

Studies show ED personnel experience a violent event about once every two months.

No Silence on ED Violence Press Conference

Leaders and members of the Emergency Nurses Association and the American College of Emergency Physicians called on Congress to pass legislation aimed at reducing violence against health care workers.

No Silence on Violence ENA Podcast Special

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Resources: Educational and training resources, as well as position statements and research, that offer context to the ED violence crisis and provide suggestions for mitigating it.

Report (Coming Soon): Go-to information and guidance on reporting workplace assaults to hospital administrators and law enforcement.

Advocacy: Summaries of proposed and current state and federal legislation aimed at curbing violence in health care, and materials you can use to voice your support for tougher laws.

Join Us: Add your name to the list of those who support victims of workplace violence and choose to speak out against violence in the ED.

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